Life Without Drugs, ” I can see (more) Clearly Now. Forward by Dona Luna, Orginal Post By Susan

I placed this here, and add this thought; the first “relationship’ of importance and love , is with yourself.  Healing is inside out and it takes many lessons to empower many of us to surrender to that concept because we have heard how selfish and ego based such a concept.  When an experience has left trauma, that shows up , in many ways that are unnoticed, and then whammed with a diagnosis that avoid the facts/truth and makes it a defect in 1 person , that is incorrect “science”  The whole person , as referred to in my Nicherian Buddhism taught me , is like “polishing the heart, to bring the gold forth” .  I found that to be true. my hear was heavy, very heavy and I personally found trust in myself when rejected by others, and family was the last hold out.  In the teaching that too years to unfold , I have had lessons that taught me total and complete surrender, and more peaceful methods of living and loving . Freeing up truths for my sons, to do or not do what they wish, and why I stay in the mix so deeply , because I sensed , I saw what my sons were experiencing , at a critical time that endured 5 hellish years, and it seemed everyone  that mattered to them supported total and complete disposal of me, furthering the abuse of alienation . I forgave myself and will no longer allow anyone to place the burden of responsibility on my shoulders, and just simply allow their misconceptions which can feel abusive also. I prefer not to see that, rather an “unknowing” for it is difficult to believe some people are that removed from norm.. I have had far too many people show up, with bit and pieces of information, spiritual guidance, and co workers who have been to the far side and back , and finally the current news exposing Domestic Violence and Parental Alienation, and it’s validated my journey , my heart and my cause , to open communication, awareness and education , of what mental un wellness is and  what supports that, rather than the more humane and equitable process.
Mindfulness just about covers it today for me.

There is so much more to healing ourselves than simply “going off the drugs”. We have to learn how to recognize our old coping mechanisms (i.e. “symptoms”). learn about new coping and life strategies, and then practice implementing these new ways of “being”.

There are “alternative” ways of dealing with these issues – meditation, healthy diet, exercise, oils, mantras, meme’s, affirmations etc. 

But learning “coping” strategies that will get you through a minute of stress, distress, chronic chaos, crisis and discomfort is a lot different than learning the life skills that will start offering a new way of living OUTSIDE of the chronic anger/rage, fear/anxiety, sadness depression that often results when we are unable to realize how to change our interpersonal relationships and relationship to the bigger world that is most often the source of this distress to begin with.

This process often includes learning to complete the developmental process’ that were interrupted in the original abuse/trauma (complex PTSd) of our families before we became victims to the second trauma and abuse of psychiatry and polypharmacy.

We learn to “reprogram” what we know about ourselves, relationships and our place in the world.

We begin to trust ourselves instead of blindly trusting everybody or not trusting anyone.

We learn to develop competence and confidence that WE are our best resource and can handle whatever life throws our way.

We learn to understand what is and cultivate independence and interdependence vs dependence on others.

We begin to understand that “boundaries” are about our limits and what we will do for ourselves vs the idea that our boundaries are what we “allow” others to do or not do.

We start learning to recognize and remedy our deep internal sense of shame, buried anger at the injustices we have experienced; we learn to recognize when we are feeling powerless because we are feeling hopeless – and that by finding our hope we discover our power.

The good news is – it can totally be done. Be open to the inner voice, that light in the darkness,  that guides you and it will always guide you to safety.

Be open and willing to learn by beginning to learn that hanging around those who like to focus on how hard it is? Is very likely going to make it very hard. Find those who have already done what you want to do and then find a way to do that for yourself.

At the blog – posts on doing this kind of work….

More on what it looks like when we start realizing the fruit of our labors:

For those who find utilizing a therapist to be helpful (not everyone does)…how to tell the difference between a good therapist and an average therapist:

DISCLAIMER: never just stop or “go off” psychiatric drugs. To do so can put you at risk of forced psychiatric interventions and is great risk to physical, psychological and emotional health. For information and resources to learn how to do this safely please start here: 


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