I Had No Idea That Life on the Spectrum Is Like THIS! Totally Changed My Perspective

I have been clinically described as having “autistic” type sensory , when I involuntarily became

addicted to prescription Xanax … I remember how that felt.. I have  a “Superhypersensitive”

for many reasons , including nature .

“People on the spectrum, even those who are high-functioning, can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the outside world. Social situations are complex and confusing, ambient sounds are unfiltered and disruptive, and the thoughts and emotions of others are unknown and indecipherable. It might be difficult to understand what a child or loved one with autism is going through, but it’s still possible to imagine it.

Watch this video to imagine and experience what it’s like to live with autism.”
Read more at http://blog.theautismsite.com/life-with-high-functioning-autism/#kgsqkBr1kq3X0D0r.99


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