A Mother’s enternal greif of the unnatural loss of her children

My Child, I Don’t Ever Want You to Forget How Much I Love You
Sometimes parents don’t make their
feelings clear; they assume that their
children know of the deep love they feel
for them. Yet when misunderstandings
occur, and things are left unsaid, it can
lead to needless doubts and insecurities.
I don’t ever want you to feel insecure,
and I want you to remember these words
I am telling you now, because they will
always be current and never changing…

You are the greatest thing that ever
happened to me. There is nothing I’d
rather see than your smile, and nothing
I’d rather hear than your laughter.
I am proud of the person you have
become. And no matter what happens in
your life, I have confidence in your ability
to make the right choices. I love you.

~ Barbara Cage



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