This is How I Do it.. Research

I developed a system for research using my birth number, of 3; I look at 3 reputable

sites on an item I am researching beyond signing up for newsletters . I have at least 6

(double 3) mailboxes to peruse for my varied interest and needs . I could spend hours on

Pintrest, but I don’t.

Food these days is fresh, preferred raw and little meat, sugar or breads ; no alcohol.

I eat much less and am over restaurants and not knowing what is in my food…My body

knows , and so I stay home, and when I go out it is special. I have a great visit

and come home to doing what I want. Lately I am napping , rising very early which I

always have enjoyed equally with the dimming of the day . Both are quiet here, peaceful

and renewing .

Back to research.. I know better how and why my raised liver enzymes are elevated

1) Vaccines in my youth had “live monkey virus”
2) Years of OTCs
3) Poor diet, loaded with fats and sugar
4) 13 solid years of highly toxic psychiatric drugs , for misdiagnosed Bipolar that was
and still is Domestic Abuse , and Child Abuse of our 3 sons , and 5 grandchildren .
5) Unhealed childhood oral rape and medical abuses
6) Constant judgment and critics, who have destroyed children with “detached parenting”
as children need “attached” and conscious parents, not war zones of abuse and alienation
goading them to choose , in an unnatural separation that is normally judged not in accordance
with the needs and wants of the child but of an opinion, a judgment lent by folks undertrained
and overworked, underpaid , and usually outdated in method; certainly tuned in to the child.

There is so much more, but I am vested in this journey .

I read of and tried the natural herb Valerian for stress and sleep and I had eye fogginess
and went deeply into research and thus read the warning of it with regard to liver health.
**As most of us will at some point have symptoms of liver distress , I wanted to share
and “poke” you to be through, in anything that touches your body, skin in….Preventative
medicine and resumption of health before corporations and law began judging in our best interest
mandates our need/want/desire for simplicity and correctness , in our lives as partners
sharing , our experiences ..learning how we are not ever alone, that we are supported
and defining our lives and creating our worlds within worlds of the balance of nature
and nurture .

Valerian 18 Herbal Supplements w/ Risky
Drug interactions

Stop using valerian and call your doctor at once if you have:
liver problems–nausea, upper stomach pain, itching, tired feeling, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes).


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