A personal view of why signing agaisnt the Murphy Bill is a “good thing”

On June 4, Congressman Tim Murphy introduced legislation (HR 2646) designed to dismantle the federal mental health authority – the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – which has successfully promoted recovery and community inclusion for individuals with serious behavioral health conditions for 25 years, as called for by President Bush’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. The bill would replace SAMHSA with a new Office headed by a politically appointed government official, controlled by Congress and robbing people of their civil rights through forced treatment and increased institutionalization.

I would ask that you consider this bill a slap in the face to those , like myself, who

were misdiagnosed , involuntarily addicted and made responsible for my own

recovery for the D – mental Health rating of my state .

It was a misdiagnosis by a doctor who practiced psychiatry for over 10 years and left.

The original psychiatrist ignored the obvious, referring to the prescription

given me for a spastic colon as my being “Hysteronic” in personality Axis l, and

Axis ll being referred to as “Marital Difficulties “ when I broke 26 years ago and

spent 17 days in a “jail like” psychiatric ward away from my 3 sons , under age 11

I knew the presence of evil and the presence of God. I recognized the abuse for what it was,

and as “property” of my husband , I went home to mother our sons.

5 years later , after trying to resurrect our marriage his way , I was even more

suppressed which felt like depression and I returned to the original psychiatrist

unawares of the devastation to follow . I walked this path alone , with no family

support, no friends , no religious support , therapist , as I watched our family

home collapse with the induction of toxic medications brought hell to earth , with

little reprieve , as I watched the effects on our sons, who as I found out many years

later has been devastating. 5 years later our family fractured , as he left, saying he loved me ,

but was not in love with me , telling our sons he did so for his happiness. My Mom was ill

those last 5 years and passed 3 months after he split; leaving 2 younger sons at home .

I lost 3 grandparents and my Mom , and a beloved nephew when in this induced state ,

referred to as “bipolar” but was apparently expected to behave “normally” under the

influence of drugs , legalized, addictive , and physically damaging l many I was allergic

to and which began a increase in other aliments that are ignored or unknown by general


I was responsible for my recovery , and I made many mistakes and it took so many years.

What began as a promise to my sons , my Dad , as I began this quest , became a legal nightmare

as I was notified that my cobra serve was almost over and I hired a lawyer , a female .

She took my case to the Virginia Supreme Court but we failed for several reasons and then she

dropped the case and has moved from the area .

I could not get an increase in spousal support as , in the contract partner and his lawyer and

mine worked out, I was made responsible for my own health care and future lawyer fees

in a “no fault” divorce” and so much more .

Our case has been opened 6 times , with the last in October of 2014 , and his demands for my

physical address , which he told the judge were justified , due to our contract stating that

“should I live with a man for a year, I would lose my spousal support ” .

By her calculations however , I was receiving less than half of the correct amount calculated by

his high income . An earlier court date , denied that his mom the loan officer and account who

loaned him money to repair our family  home for repair with discrepancies was met with the 1st

question asked “don’t you trust your (ex) husband ? No I responded .

The “as a Christian” did trust her son and backed him up and I lost the case but I finally understood

the “partnership “.

Our “partnership” in a property that is my income; is ultimately his , as I see no paper work, which

has not earned me an increase in 10 years. As if no divorce ever happened and he still controls my

finances and is the only parent of sons who prefer I am dead as to not address this very dark and

pain filled situation that does affect mind, body and spirit . As with our home, he is not vested in

maintenance and is very casual as to my being “responsible” for half a roof , or any repair to said

property .. A lease I signed “under the influence” of legalized addiction via psychiatry ..as well as

many other legal papers , trusting since I had a lawyer , he had my best interest at heart .

I was unaware he had been partners with ex’s lawyer , who never loses in court .

The advice of law , is to sell him my half which seems to be his intent all along as he says he

was advised not to give me half of the property. Of course that would have created a more

involved divorce , as he had Mom and resources he did his happy dance , until the new gal ,

whom he says is the cheapest/tightest person he has ever known started to complain that she

did not earn as much as I, in their new business .  My beginning  waking in late 2003 was messy,

uncovering his abuses , lies and misdeeds is not something he wishes to come up . A near constant

barrage of “triggers” and many deceptions , charted , in flies of the most unprofessional of conducts .

Recently he has retired and is “happy” telling our sons of his regrets of “having to ” work so hard

and be away , and still laying the blame and responsibility of his not being able to do so on me.

And the further legal situations , are my dogging him , for he is the victum , the myrtar .

The power and the money , the authority who did not participate in our marriage , parenting

and disposed of me as dead so he could live happily ever after .

Our sons and I do have experiences  of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

with unhealed trauma that can be triggered , in an instance without knowing what or why .

There is no responsibility from him to correct any untruths , for our sons which is a form

of child abuse , ignored and untreated by standards and practices we currently use mainstream.

Mother is not necessary after age 7, is the quote of the judge who coined alienation , but as those

many parents who have been the “target” of Domestic Abuse , and alienation that is child abuse but

ignored by the courts , the clergy , the society that ignores or supports this as “normal”, we are aware

that a human right violation has transpired to a magnitude that is destroying the fabric of what is known as “family”.

That mental health advocates in my state wish to make families more responsible for a members mental

health care, I say this; the opportunity for the type of partner denial, blame and shame does exist

and to a degree I have been made personally aware of , as my 11 year quest to clear my name ,

for my sons and grandchildren continues. I am not dependant on legal , medial or religious back

up, for I am inclusive in mass groups of parents, teachers, scholars and recovered consumers who

know the damage done.

Please do not deny the rights of others who have been involuntarily addicted , legally and intent

on recovery  who have no support . It goes to denial of quality of life and liberation of the human spirit from

the denial of response and moral  codes that imede that to cover personal abuses and transgressions .

Please sign the petition against Tim Murphey ‘s Bill  to defund HR 2646

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna


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