New Moon in Leo ~ feeling it ~

I do personally feel this and pretty much avoid spending too much time with those who are not in some

degree of this and non harmful to self or me or others .

I devour each day, eating well, cooking with coconut oils , no meats , natural fish on weekends

and a mixed schedule that is easy , and accommodates my inability to sit at my desk top for endless hours

as I used to. But I am still gathering more information, deleting my own files and folders

no longer needed physically, mentally, spiritually and as I try to begin to construct the totality

of what can be implemented , and mentored to children and adults to be more in tuned and mindful

families of the universe .

Today is the day to begin the process and so I do and I share the following which may be foreign

to your ears , but if you close your eyes and imagine yourself at 3, you will be open to receive

the messages of love and welcome.

Listen to a new cut of James Taylor’s , my gardener/helper , David and his beloved are due any minute

with Taylor James , the 1st son for both and 1st child for David , who is a great stand in for my sons,

just now.

The Heart of the World Server
This new moon at 22 degrees Leo welcomes us to ask, ‘what is love?’ The seed of Awakened Love lies fertile in the heart of this New Moon. It may not seem so with the state of world events, however, change is afoot, and most likely, you can feel it. This potential for change is so deep and true there are times you will not recognize yourself, even in the midst of turmoil.
Recently we have been witness to a beautiful celestial event, the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Leo. Now this new moon in Leo seeds a deeper expansion of love and offers an opportunity to massage the heart chakra.
I’ve noticed new awareness and desire in many of my clients recently, especially now that Venus has gone retrograde. Suddenly, it has felt as if all of one’s hopes, dreams and wishes around deep values and love have taken a step back to a more private inquiry of the heart. What is love, really? Where am I? Don’t be thrown if you feel a little like Dorothy on the yellow brick road. This new moon conjuncts Venus, and it activates the seed point of Venus retrograde. It brings the lunar, nighttime light that may trigger dreams, and yes, nightmares, too. It encourages you to ask: what do I need to learn?
It is a beautiful, promising new moon in the heart sign of Leo, and there are treasures to be discovered. But we can’t hold on too tight with the moon also trine Uranus. We’re walking a fiery/electric tightrope. Energy is quickened, surprising, and yes, shocking. We have to be alert; we have to be balanced and open to each little sign and mustn’t become indolent, lapsing into melancholia or the idealism of romanticism.
In the evening of the new moon, we’ll also experience the moon square Saturn. One may interpret this as the scale tipping back towards oneself, so that the romanticism of relationship becomes the romance of Self. In this manifestation, one is alone but not lonely. One is able find freedom from emotional setbacks if garnered at the highest level. Self-saboteur becomes allied with a deep longing for trust with Self. There is no other way to fulfill our quest for love.
Global affairs can appear dire as we balance this critical time-trajectory on planet earth. People are hurting, seeking, and wanting, and many are disillusioned. I have faith in Cosmic Truth and Justice, a force bigger than our egos and fears; a force of dynamic Karma that governs the soul of humanity. Many of us are fortunate to have choice, to choose how we navigate our daily intentions while others are not so fortunate. Yet, adversity and negativity weaken when surrounded by the energy of Love. Something grand and glorious lightens the soul when we choose to serve the world with integrity and faith.
The late Dane Rudhyar shares the inspiration of 22 degrees Leo, the Sabian point of the New Moon.
Keynote: Spirituality, in terms of training for service to mankind.
This refers to spiritual energies which are being used constructively and which bring to the consciousness messages from other realms. Individual realizations acquire their true meaning only as they fulfill a collective function. This is the ideal of the WORLD SERVER.
As much as one longs for relationship and love, the recent Venus/Jupiter conjunction transported us to a larger relationship of service to the greater whole.
Today, with Venus retrograde conjunct the New Moon, we may come to realize our potential to shift our perspective toward greater Service. In practical ways, each individual will discover the way to serve; be it within the heart of prayers and meditations, or as aspirants of change through profound acts of service in world affairs. Either way, with a focus on Love…you will lead the way.
May the fertile seed of this New Moon inspire, uplift and heal the heart of humanity.
From Heart,
Isha Lerner

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