Day 98: Mirror Images

Mayan Messages

MIRROR IMAGES   When you feel emotions such as anger, fear or frustration, it is the result of an unresolved issue. Like a mirror, the person or event triggers a past experience, which was either too painful or too bothersome to deal with when it first occurred. It is imperative to live in the now and deal with all issues as they arise. This will keep your energy clear and retard any stagnant issues that cause disease in the body or emotional realm. Your senses also bring up emotional issues from the past.

Photographs, scents, songs, fabrics and tastes all have the ability to instantly take you back to a memory, sometimes one that has been deeply locked away for years. If the memory that arises causes you distress or discomfort, take time to go back and observe the event. Find ways to release any negativity related to this event. Perhaps…

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