“Emptiness” as the Highest Alchemy for Change


Morphogenesis is one of three fundamental aspects of developmental biology along with the control of cell growth and cellular differentiation.

Morphogenesis is concerned with the shapes of tissues, organs and entire organisms and the positions of the various specialized cell types.

Morphogenesis blessings to you…
This next update addresses a timely topic that is receiving non-stop reflections in my daily mirror. It concerns how utterly transforming the energies are that we are now experiencing as a unified collective. Just when we thought there was not much left to let go of, here comes another excavating spiral scooping out places in our consciousness that we never even knew existed, let alone understand.

We are morphing… and THIS is fast becoming a ‘lifestyle’. Somewhere along the way we crossed a threshold and now find ourselves continually traversing, not only one bridge, but several and all at the same time! What is required of us now is to learn a brand new way of navigating that keeps us both grounded and ever transcending. If you are feeling really tired of this, that and the other… know that you are on the right track.


Without any doubt, one of the most beneficial steps that we can take right now is to keep emptying out while letting go of any adherence to a predefined “path”. Disorientation is inevitable, and so is confusion. We are just resting in these states while knowing that they are positive signs that greater ‘shift’ is indeed upon us.


In this exponential quickening, one of the greatest stabilizers is our frequent attunement to Divine Presence and allowing the grace of Its power to carry and sustain us at all times. This gives such relief because we really do not know or control anything.


Surrendering to emptiness is really surrendering to be our natural self. With all of this reprogramming, we are finally learning how to be authentic. The main conflict comes in when we are trying to do something or be somebody that we are not. This throws us for a loop internally. Then, life reflects back to us this conflicted energy in the form of stress and some really uncomfortable experiences. Ease and grace is found when we live our preferences and follow our inspiration.


The vibrational program is constantly upgrading. As the energy is speeding up, we have to keep slowing down to primarily feel, really feel what it is like to be our natural, most authentic self. In doing so, we can recognize the conflict-free zone of being perfectly centered in abundant life energy.


Set your vision to be a living, walking still point willing to surrender to your true self in every moment… no matter what is arising. Let go of the defenses and the need to  give an opinion. Neutralize the self. Live ‘I AM Presence’. As you journey deeper and deeper into emptiness, you will eventually collapse into the internal void where your true power lies.


Join me and thousands of others in this accelerating program of MORPHOGENESIS.  Open into your still point and realize your “emptiness” as the highest alchemy for change.

big heart embrace,
Tiara Kumara
Morphogenesis Program Creatress

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