ScapeGoat or Gaslighting it is Abuse , for the Abuser Must have Support , feeding on anyone who agrees

Both these are very true in my case and it is time to bring light to this shadow , and transform it.. In my heart and soul I am there.

Narcissists are chameleons. They are able to change to suit every relationship. They are truly wonderful characters of deception.
Therefore, it’s easy for them to hide amongst us, to mirror and project many of our own mannerisms, and to copy much of our work and claim as their own.
They are envious of others who are able to be their true authentic selves because they must live a false sense of self.
The narcissist appears to be popular, outgoing, the life of the party, community oriented, and a workhorse. However, looks are deceiving and so behind closed doors is the truth of the person who portrays themselves as all important.
It takes others some time to understand that what appears before them is not who this same person is behind closed doors. Perhaps the narc will lash out upon them, deceive them, or use some type of mind game or trickery upon them. Perhaps their friends may start talking those who they tried to convince the problem lied within you. Perhaps the smear campaign backfires upon them.
Whatever the case may be you can rest assured time is on your side. The truth always comes out. So make sure you document everything. Whether it’s a paper trail or digital photographs, or legal documents all of this will help your case should you ever need to prove your side in court.
Their will always be others who don’t believe. Who view the narc as credible. However, their will also be the victims and survivors and even other family members and friends of the narc who have uncovered and witnessed the truth.
Narcissists live a Jekyll and Hyde personality. They can alter their behaviors to suit any type of environment.
They may dislike a certain type of food but with the next victim that food is now their favorite. They will always try to win and one up and stay in competition mode against their victims.
The key is to not let others opinions alter what you know as reality.
You lived it, you overcame it, and you survived it. For that you deserve honor, respect, and most importantly protection free from harm.
Don’t worry about those you may lose along the way, only worry about what you have to gain by knowing the truth and we all know narcs are like icebergs who only show the top. Their is always much more hidden that others don’t know.
Keep moving forward and never ever give up on yourself.
You can do this and you can get through it.
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