Medical, Religious , Law, & Society ‘fail’ , must end NOW, for true mental and spirital wellbeing of all people.

Dona L Wheeler.
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Floyd, Va 24091
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Dear Senator
I pray there is acknowledgment upon receipt of this truth of just how far off
we are as a nation as I hear the words of JFK of being morally and spiritually
deficient .. many are abused in mental un-wellness and socially accepted norms
Kindest Regards for all you do Senator ;
Nature vs Nurture

The video below,  with this blog validates my approach ;  my grasp of what has been in

error and why psychiatry, psychology , law and medicine,

has come out of the darkness and acknowledge the myths that govern how society

looks at and governs behavior .

This video  made my day,  for it validates my forward movement from this detached

disposing , and projected manner, full of “experts” who have no clue.

As a male psychologist , who I looked up yesterday , still is in practice ,

still potentially doing much harm , told me in our 1st session that

“You are no longer a mother, find something else to do”  

I was in deep trauma , I was involuntarily medicated, I was a survivor of

Domestic Abuse  , and this “expert” had only these words for me.

I wrote him years later , and explained his lack of compassion and astuteness

were born out in his judgment.

Less than 18 months later , I had a professional relationship with a more

intelligent and compassionate female psychiatrist who responded to my question

of weather I needed therapy or not , with these following words began my

liberation ;

“Not without your children” and I was ‘allowed” with her to research, to

experience to use natural or alternatives , and who told me I was brilliant ,

and that I should become a doctor … I love her for the opening , a crack of light

to escape  the black hole of 13 years of ‘ chemical straight jackets”  and

set me on a path to finding my truths and my voice,  and healing trauma that

included the Mother who was detached for reasons she never found her

voice to reveal and heal , and her denial of her brother’s rape of my 5 year old self ,

as she did her other 2 daughters being raped . No light, no voice,, no healing, but

lots of projected blame , internalized as unworthiness .

So though I felt abused, it was accepted as “normal” and our family was destroyed.

The former partner thinks it is the state , or federal government who should pay for my upkeep

releasing him from the pittance of $700 per month as he misses each and every dollar.

Our co ownership of property and protecting himself from factual truths , has been the driving

force of the abuse and utilizing his children against me has created a horrific abusive situation

that endangers each child and grandchild  with trauma and an unhealthy legacy I am not

comfortable with leaving .

The abusive , and disrespectful discrimination were highlighted in a marriage to an

unhealed man,  who also abused our 3 sons , projecting fault is mine only

and society aided in shaming them for having a “crazy” mother , and a divorce that

excluded any responsibility , embracing falsehoods that must be dismantled ,

truthfully  for that healing to begin. It has been referred to as immoral and cult like,

and is being transformed as we witness the ineptitude and danger of extinction of


In that after a life time of watchfulness (even medicated and certainly in states of

PTDS) I have observed the very best of human nature and the very worst , and

those projections were my mirror , enhancing the unhealed trauma which psychiatry

referred to as “martial difficulties” ; the effects of toxic to me medications induction

of these mental states and the physical effects are ignored and blame is again

targeted at 1 individual  who is a scapegoat ,  gas lighted, and much more common

than is allowed in our society than the facts.

I have recovered fully from the discrimination , the side effects of the toxic

medications , the knowing has been the better .

I stand with other parents , who have had adversity in professional

settings , who discount them as human beings, as parents, while supporting the

adverse , unconscious , and disastrous  detachment of parenting that has created

even more clients for those who expound the “norm” which is a tyranny as it

disallows the creativity and uniqueness of the individual .

My healing, my recovery was made more difficult by the lack of offerings in

a D minus rated state circa 2007, as I watched in horror at the lack of response

and responsibility with regards to VaTech; but lots of blame at 1 person.  Healing

was found in truths, in owning all my errors and finding the love and forgiveness for

myself that was lacking in a judging and critical world that projected my

unworthiness. I was forced by the lack, and the blame and shame,  in law

in medicine and yes in the churches I attended ,  to do so  and to find alternatives ,

which made me grow in ways that had been impeded .

11 very long and often trauma filled years as I heard and said words with

passionate pain , I could not avoid  the folks that judge can be very dangerous and

motivated in that unknowing to do more harm and for this I find my strength and my

voice , knowing I will be considered a danger to the accepted practices of those

stuck in thought processes and deeds that lack mindful compassionate

humane acts.

Only last year was the court presented with my “alleged domestic abuse” which

shows up in 12 years of medical charts and ER visits , where I discussed being hit

by my(then) husband as psychiatry referred to this abuse as ‘marital difficulties’ ,

totally ignoring the induction and addiction of legal drugs , and the PTSD resulting,

which is in of itself abuse .

Change is messy but it is here , and I for one am ready, joining with millions who

have had my experience . Science only supported my instincts , with the proof of

DNA of sons remaining in the brain of the mother for life; so mental and spiritual

cruelty are and should be exposed in areas of medicine and law; NOW.

Preventing child abuse and domestic abuse, the co joined twins , makes

much better sense that, having it manifest as various “life lessons’ and finding

legalized drugs that induce nightmarish mental “trips” that need not be ; and sadly

very profitable as 70% of Americans are on some kind of Psychiatric medication

and violence rules in media, entertainment , and guns/ society, our acceptance

of the rape culture,accepted as “normal” , like Senator Deeds alluded , we are

moving forward but we have a long , long way to go…

The late Thomas Szasz, MD was quoted in the book  Healing The Hurting Soul,

A Survival Manual for the Black Sheep in Every Family  by Louis Wynne.

“Worshipers at the false  god of ‘mental illness’ , have suffered as a consequence of

their misguided psychiatric piety, should find this book  especially helpful ”  .

I have been graced , blessed to find these truths and share them freely .

I have the back up of years experience , many resources including  Drs, who know

how mentally ill women are  domestic abuse survivors (30 years experience ) and

another who has the plan for a shift in the perception of the alienated

parent ; but knows well the DSM code that describes the person who alienates and

abuses children against the other parent, denying a part of a whole  child .


My eldest son would make the comment after Humpty Dumpty , could not be put

back together again because he was an egg.  Eastern religions have taught me ,

that egg can be put together again with surrender to the inherent right of each and

every soul to fill those “cracks” with “gold” ; wisdoms of our ancestor’s, long past

who have left us a wonderful legacy of not only, survival but grace.  It is unfortunate

that we have had distractions and misinformation but just like ET,  we can return

home, or at least call  … for that home is inside of us . It only need be

safely guided and “polished” and in that the light is sacred and holy , and cast out

the dark.

It can be done, I am but one who bears this out and transformation is upon us

NOW, as we are given too many examples of what does not work, there are many

more of what does. So each does have a choice; life is not scripted . so we must

mentor and support mindfully .

I have only scratched the surface with this post, but mindfully would state , that

need , want, desire to heal was for each of my beautiful sons , my Dad who has

since passed , my grandchildren , and as I began my journey , I found so many

folks, old and young and in between who have had the adversity.

Many  are still in denial , as I pray for their waking, I avoid those who would still do

much harm, to me or others in their acceptance of “normalized ” ethics and social

practices that are anything but and cut across the board in all aspects of modern

society .  I found in my need to heal others, I had to be present myself and that

healing has been amazing and ongoing , despite the impediments and often

unlawful acts against me, and I certainly own my faults and the manifestation of my

not being myself due to the unnatural state of involuntary addiction and Domestic

Abuse ; ignored and utilized by the man I married  who had abused our sons ,

supported by his family and network of friends and associates .

This continues as we co own property , and will be legally addressed soon;

ending his “charade”, and abuse of our sons who had had to dispose of me in their

pain and to be accepted by Dad ,which has resulted in the past with more abuse,

Family Protective orders and arrest .

I have more than enough proof , and even if I am again ignored in court , I will

prevail , as last year’s revelations in 2 sessions , as I watched his 90 year old “as a

Christian Mother, support his abuse and realized his victimhood roots and superior

narcissistic life partner was and still is his Mother  She has always bailed him out

of any  dilemma, in effect finishing his sentences, denying him inner ,personal

growth and his rage spurts out as detachment, addiction and  lack of responding in

responsibility, as he blames the other .

For 24 years until his falsified “no fault” divorce , and my awakening he has

targeted me , and I have tired of the abuse knowing it says more of him than

I at the end of the day.. His emotional development  has been stunted , perhaps

in his lack of knowing and trauma , but making me and out sons

his targets has reached an end with the facts of his abuse and denial and

his cover up. His victimhood , as the more stable parent, omitting his abuses .

Revelations indeed..

Please share with my stamp of approval , but please with mindful  credit due my

journey as well that of my sons who I pray for daily that they know peace and

healing sooner than later for their best; and I will have deeper peace  for their

having achieved balance on the parents who deviated from the best interest

of their children for varied reasons . It is my desire for them to have this ‘monkey’

off their back . .to liberate them , for there paths as men are fraught with

misinformation as to their ‘doings’ rather than their ‘being’ as well I know

God’s love for each of us , to find our way , hopefully to end the alienation

and to return to love , respectfully, without pain and anger and blame .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna


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