Escaping the NPD merry go round Agreeing with this author

Knowledge I gained escaping the NPD merry go round~
1) you’re never going to get closure from them… Let it go
2) don’t waste your time trying to understand the thought process~ it’s alien to the normal, rational person
3) the person you fell in love with never really existed… It was a illusion
4) you’re going to lose a lot of people… No way around it… You will find out who is there for you and who’s not.
5) beware the rebound… If it’s too good to be true then it is…
6) the pain will pass in time…
7) don’t use your old life as a measuring stick of your new life… The two are separate entities and you cannot measure success in your new life by your old life.
8) Karma will come to them… Don’t hang around wasting your life waiting on it.
9) hate is a great tool in the beginning… Don’t hold onto it… It will burn you up
10) see your part in the whole cycle… Once you see the cycle you can break it
11) kids will be a weapon if you have them with a sociopath~ it’s the last thing to stab you with
12) perspective is everything. You can always find some poor soul worse off than you if you look around.
13) pain is the greatest motivator for change… The greatest moments of humanity come in the moments of greatest suffering… Use it.
14) if you lost everything and your finances are in shambles just remember: it’s stuff… Replaceable… Consider the financial loss the cost of buying out of the insanity and into a new life
15) it’s a whole new life: learn who you are after being lost in the black hole of a sociopath
16) give yourself the love that you freely gave to a maniac. You need it and deserve it.
17) forgiveness was essential for me to let go finally… Not just them, but myself… It freed me.
18) the crazier they get, the better you’re doing
19) once you quit feeding them they will finally pretend you don’t exist… They cannot accept rejection and will mentally erase you… It may take years though


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