Invoulntary Induction to Invoultary Combat and PTSD in children

It is far past time to stop the induction , without consent of any human being on this planet,

especially the young and the old.  Like the middle class braces the upper class, children

are our barometer; our measure . As you look around , you see the living bereavement that

results from premature ejaculation, that far too many folks accept as the holy grail .

I am a living example of the decent into the labyrinth to hell on earth , where I was not

seen, nor heard as a misdiagnosed mental patient , that was induced by addictive prescriptive

medications , and denied the Domestic Abuse , by calling it Bipolar Manic Depression.

For 13 years , I was unaware of guidance nor supportive understanding except by my sons,

initially , and then the hooks of the doctor , who recorded our entire 7 minute visit , as he

watched my life deconstruct , increasing more medicated and physically ill, co conspiring  with

regards to his choice of words , as if I understood a word of his Latin , and chemical breakdowns ,

adverse reactions , and the ‘come back in 8 weeks”  . In his medical notes , pertaining to my

very 1st adverse reaction to prescription medications , was Xanax , which I was unaware of

for it’s addictive qualities and without awareness , I took 5 per day for almost 2 weeks.

And induced nervous break down, because it was not seen as the break through that conscious

folks know that is releasing trauma through spiritual  ie prayer, meditation , journaling, music

painting whatever brings you peace.

Peace has been denied, evoked by involuntary acts of inhumanity . As a woman, I know that

many negatives , beginning with unacknowledged childhood rape ( I will not defer to using

molestation)  created a nervous, awkward childhood , of not knowing , and also coping

methods that were unhealthy and sometimes dangerous. My many efforts to communicate

within my family were not successful , but I had the support of a Dad, an imperfect man

which I acknowledged .  Mom was more removed and sometimes toxic as seen through

the eyes of a child.  Through the eyes of a woman , I know her to also be a survivor of

trauma, shame , and detachment , and certainly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

And anger, directed at men, as a child, followed by detachments, was left hanging

as I was involuntarily induced , and addicted to a mental disorder I never had.

What I was toxic and completely rearranged as I witnessed, not only the discrimination

in my own home, when my partner was in,  but the “Uncle Dad” who was the savior of

our sons and the victim of a   “crazy bitch” as I became his cover for all his errors  in

life, referring to our year long marriage observed 7 days before the birth of our 1st

son, as “having to get married” . The change in his plans took away any illusion that

I had a firm foundation, as did his rape of me , 6 days after birth.  I stayed, in the knowing

as I found many years later , and 2 more beautiful sons , in my discriminated “chemical

straight jacket that , every facet of professionals and society , family and “friends”

which was perhaps the intent of some , and painful in the not knowing , that infects

many in the need to blame instead of responding in the response.

Recovery has been long and arduous , and still denial of my being alive , is the antidote

to the Abuse experienced by my 3 sons , ignored as was my Domestic Abuse

all of which has been normalized , as we work out our lives , the “triggers” of  the past

unhealed are indeed PTSD, and it is past time to let the light shine , on what is now

epidemic .

The scientific proof that the DNA of a baby remains in the brain of a woman for life

was only confirmation and affirmation and that living connection , that has been abused

will be corrected if not by law of man( yet again excluding woman) , it will be the universal

law of nature , that addresses this human rights violation , that has been directed at women

and minorities , thus children , the mothers of whom, are often the poorest.

Whether a “cult” , an immoral act, a mental disorder , this totality of an axis of evil

is inducing ill mental and physical health  more detachment, on already over stressed,

ill nourished kid


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