Do you need to hear “I’m Sorry” ? I heard one, followed by “well blame it all on me” Projection of a NARC

Survivor Success Tips and eInsights
September 2015, Volume 306
Featured Tip and eInsight
Healing from Domestic Abuse
Do You Need the Abuser’s Apology for You to Heal?
by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.
“What if the abuser never ever apologizes, does not believe in remorse and has no empathy? What then…how do we heal?” asks a reader. Good question for those seeking to heal from intimate partner violence.
Implied in this question appears to be a belief that I would question. Is it true that you need your partner to apologize, have empathy and show remorse in order for you to heal from domestic abuse?
Visit Abusive Relationship Insights to learn about forgiveness and healing from within…

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