Beautifully written , Dad speaks of fathering girls ~ 

I have 1 granddaughter , both her Mom and I were eldest , and 

defiantly “Daddy’s girl” , it shows . 

Earlier this week a relative passed , unexpectly , I suspect , and his 

Daughter , Mom to 2 girls is devestated .

I did not look for a man, or partner like my Dad , but having 

His love , support and steadiness , unconditionally , 

Has never shown up within a loving , respectful and 

Nurturing  relationship that gave me a safe haven and foundation 

I did not to acknowledge 

It was very dicey after sons came along .

This Dad has my respect and hopefully his words will reach other 

Dads of Girls and Boys . Kids are little people , and here to guide 

Us . Making their world safe , that they can is a priority of councious 

Folks .


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