Cheating Narcs, cheat themself also

From Helen B

A truth in my earth family & married a whole family of judges and critics  who have conveniently forgotten facts , and puffed all secrets , and lies and abuse under my skirt for daring to ask for responsible , that my sons might loose hate and anger that destroys , having nothing to do with love or family unity

“Cheating narcissists cheat their family members out of trust, safety, solid relationships and being able to count on them for a sense of loyalty and community. Family is the backbone to our society, but with a narcissist in that system, it becomes a dysfunctional one. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and cousins are ALL affected by a narcissist’s cheating personality. Money won’t be paid back, responsibility will be avoided and blame will be cast upon anyone, regardless of the “blood relationship”. If a family member has something the narcissist wants (envies) that family member will have it stolen out from under them and then blamed for being too “trusting” “caring” or “naive”; whether those stolen goods are money, property, reputations or people”

One day they must know they have cheated “beloveds” abused them, and most of all short sheeted themselves


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