Day 127: The Grand Experiment

Mayan Messages

THE GRAND EXPERIMENT   As each of you left Source and moved into other Dimensions, there remained in you the whole of the Source. Although you vibrate differently than Original Source, you have the same function, to experience All That Is. Original Source is pure energy. As you move “from” Source and choose material bodies, you become denser, yet not necessarily of lower frequency.

There are myriads of souls who live in bodies much less dense than you. Due to their closer association with the pure Love of Source, they vibrate at a much higher frequency. Similarly, there are many walking on the Earth inhabiting low-density bodies, but vibrating with high degrees of Love. Whatever you can imagine, exists somewhere, whether in this universe or beyond. Every soul that has left Source has the ability to create what it is they wish to experience.

It may be a short-term experience, while…

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