The truth as I understand it, about who I am , who I see you to be, In ownership or In Denial of the Gift of who Your Are

The concepts expressed by Science, and by creators of art , music , and expanded individuals , such as this song

written by Joni Mitchell , song by Crosby , Stills, Nash & Young, spoke with many folks , who shared a limitless

god , a god of love and inclusiveness, of a return to simpler,earth based living of and for the land . the air

the sea.

And critical mass has risen to the heron call, not to war but to peace. The events of the Pope of the people

to “come together ” cannot be not be ignored. and true support and healing of those abused shall be

healed .

John Lennon saw it as Coming Together , not in ego but as one heartbeat in the Divine

How John reflected on Come Together


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