Loving girls through sexual abuse Lady Anuradha

The past is always present when you have been separated from 

Your children , and the family having been a longing , only to 

Discover, you were of so little consequence , no one knew or 

Wanted to support you. Disposed of  when he’s tired of you, 

You no longer preform for him, you begin to reflect his worst 

Nightmare , his weakest self .

As dangerous as traffickers , accepted as normal, inclusive of 

Big Pharma , ancient laws that reflect a ” woman’s worth”.

We birth, ideas , babies, meals , we create as we reach out in spirit 

To create a conscious family , socially connected , cohesive .

Captitivity , maid ship was not in my plan; but  I ignored I was

Being abused , our sons were by normalized naracistic society has 

Supported , as professional turned their heads and family owned the 

Detachment , fracture and disposal as something I deserved and still do.

As did he, the message of not being love able or deserving , has

Been harshest from beloved sons,  so much time , so much hatred

Conditioned , 

But like these openly disadvantaged cultures , may we rise to the love and 

Without of 


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