The Courage to Face the Truth in Parent Alienation

Kids adapt , when they are without sound , developed inner guides , and bear their own trauma , especially in witnessing Domestic Abuse . After years of “modeling”  by his family , that I and my family were lacking, and watching at the acceptance of overt discrimination and worst , towards my sons as well as myself , all was “transformed” as they stood up for him , 5 years into my “treatment ” for DA via psychiatry , which was termed bipolar. Missing of course the truth of the darkness of folks who must appear “as Christians ” in public and much less so in private.

And closing me out  as an untrustworthy , liar, saved him money and he prevailed to divorce his way. The horrific results , like minefields , triggered trauma , PTSD, again largely overlooked .

Generations of children caught up in wars encouraged by society and corporations of medicine and law that do not have the best interest of family and the law, only of power and profit .

Exposure , like this amazing 1st hand account are common in revealing the enormity of this affect , and soon I will share a few very good answers , responses , that give rise to hope of ending this cycle of an effort at family extinction . definitely the displaced Mother ….



Source: The Courage to Face the Truth in Parent Alienation


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