Erica Joy Olsen , on Jaguar Woman

Bootie Wheeler 128

My late Grandmother lovie , Minnie Zola , always with me

“…if a woman does a useless thing, none reproves her; if she does a harmful thing, few seek to restrain her; but if she seeks to imitate the goddess and to encourage others, all those in authority accuse her of corruption. So it is more dangerous to teach truth than to enter a powder magazine with a lighted torch”
~ Tsiang Samdup from The Book Of Sayings.

“Children are told to speak when spoken to. We as women are taught that to speak our power is to be shunned by most of society. When you listen to the voices of many men and women, you hear a strangled sound. And it’s no wonder. Women’s voices are often weak or a monotone or barely audible. Voices need to be open and free, so that energy can flow through the throat center. We hold our enlightenment there. If energy is trapped in the throat, it can’t move up into the crown of the head. That’s why we get sore throats, thyroid problems, or diseases such as throat cancer. Whenever you have an energy knot like that, it will eventually cause disease.”
~Agnes Whistling Elk from Jaguar Woman.


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