Narcissists: The Cancer of Humanity

Narcissists: The Cancer of Humanity

If you’re thinking you can help the narcissist in your life, consider this perspective. Helping a narcissist is immeasurably like smoking cigarettes. You believe, despite hacking up bloody pieces of your lungs, that somehow smoking won’t harm you.

Come along, my friend. Step into the blue box and let’s look at your future.

There you are. Chained to a hospital bed in a mess of plastic tubes, tying you to machines that beep, beep, beep… You’re recovering from painful surgical cuts into your chest cavity. Instead of fish sticks and custard, you’re eating fistfuls of pain killers. The pain won’t go away. You find yourself pooping into a colostomy bag and you have a too large catheter shoved way up in your urethra because you can’t pass water on your own.

Despite dedicating a horde of your years – time that you can never recover – your beloved cigarettes betrayed you. All the while, your master hatefully tempted you, Kiss me just once more. One more time, you raised a smoke to your lips, lit it up and inhaled deeply, like a good little sweetie.

One sleepless night, you become fully aware that your life is over. You will never be the same. Your dreams are dead. You have zero chances of coming out of this alive. All the things that embodied your life are gone. You’ll never have an orgasm again. Spooning is not an option. You’re a fixed point in time. Time can’t be rewritten for you. You’re dying. Oh heavens! You want to die but you can’t hold up a gun under your chin to pull the trigger.

In a dark room, you languish in misery hoping that today you breathe your final breath. You hold your breath, but death doesn’t come. Oh God. Help me.

What of your beloved cigarette? Oh. It’s kissing another set of lips without one thought of you. It has moved on.

That is what awaits you when you chose to throw your pearls at the feet of a narcissist.

Walk away while you can.



Posted 8th February 2014 by Johnny Rivera


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