Reading his email/phone

I did not even think of these things, no checking his phone , reading his stuff. I do recall loading

up the boys and going to a hotel he said he had a meeting at, and saw his car, and intuitively

knew he was meeting a woman . And I was upset and felt betrayed . I had that feeling often

and when the suggestions began to share our bodies with others , I was not interested .

I buried those negative thoughts , over and over, while he openly discussed his pursuits

and conquest , by giving it to an acquaintance/friend , and not until he walked out , did

I face the darkness of his soul that used sex in such a detachment , as to leave me feeling

like a prostitute. Far , far from where I needed and wanted to be in my heart, mind and soul.

Our marriage stagnated , toxic from his abuse , and allowance of his true life partner and

he was “saved” by the newbie and his Mom.


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