The Danger of Sharing Secrets with a Malignant Narcissist

Don’t Share Information with a Malignant Narcissist

The Lessons We’ve Learned

Some of us reach middle age older and much wiser, at least in terms of knowing how a malignant narcissist operates. This particular personality disorder (I prefer the term “moral disorder”) is something we once couldn’t comprehend, until we found ourselves caught in a snare. This was a trap, or a series of them, set by someone we once trusted.

Then, we had to face up to the fact that some folks are so sick that they like watching others stumble.

The psychological landmines we wandered into were sprung by someone we considered a friend, a person with whom we shared many intimate details of our lives. This is very hard to come to grips with.

Or, the narcissistic abuse may have come from a coworker or a supervisor. Before we realize what’s happening, they’ve already spent considerable time “grooming” us, in an effort to gain our confidence, and, they hope, access to our deepest secrets.

Some targets of narcissist abuse find it comes from within their family of origin. A parent, or perhaps a sibling, is morally disordered. If that’s the case, this person already knows your weak spots. But they don’t need to know anything else. This includes the names of your current friends, their addresses and where they work. A malignant narcissist is not above contacting someone in your social circle, or arranging a “surprise” encounter, in an attempt to ruin your other relationships. They know that isolation is the best means of control.

Don't tell a narcissist your secrets.Pin It&amp;amp;lt;img src=”; width=”520″ height=”390″ alt=”Don’t tell a narcissist your secrets.” title=”Don’t tell a narcissist your secrets.” class=”full”/&amp;amp;gt;<span id=”mce_marker” data-mce-type=”bookmark”>​</span>


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