Holding On 

Looking back , I am not sure how I withstood . Many days and nights of not having anyone’s care , concern or support .  Dad was presenting with the beginnings of memory loss, and I was committed to a house for 2 years , that was draining me , financially , mentally and near spiritually .

Yet I held on.  I committed to finding out why.

Why a man, who shared creating a home, a family , a life , could not only ignore my illnesses , support etc , the ” normal” expectations … were MIA

Magnified by legalized , mind, soul , and physically altering prescription medications ; while 3 sons translated the narcissistic , psychopath behavior , as ” normal” , professionals failed big time .

As I came to I realized how invasive ; how enormous the epidemic of involuntairy addiction via psychiatrist , the suppliers ,who in concert supply what are very often highly toxic ” medications” that induce the hellish trauma ” events” referred to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; so drugged and labeled a voice is dismissed . A need unchecked , compounded , unnecessarily ; for profit .  Or containment of truths ? 

I have many, far too many brothers & sisters who have been affected adversely by this combo social ill.  I also know it’s a dying entity , and yes at points in our lives , everybody hurts .  When this senerio affects elders and children to the degree it currently is , stepping up , speaking out , making this real , is paramount . 

When being heard is akin to love for many, listen .  Listen with more than your ears .

No one , is immune ;



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