Transforming PAS , NOW MERRY Christmas w/Love



Emotional abuse to become illegal under new domestic abuse law :

The Home Office is giving police in England and Wales new powers in a drive to crack down on domestic abuse.

At the moment the government’s definition of domestic violence recognises the impact of threatening behaviour but it has never been a law.

Home Secretary Theresa May says coercive control “can be tantamount to torture”.

“Domestic abuse is a hideous crime that shatters the lives of victims, trapping them in cycles of abuse that too often end in tragic and untimely deaths,” she said.

“In many cases, dominance over the victim develops and escalates over the years until the perpetrator has complete control.

“The government is committed to protecting the victims of this terrible crime and it is clear that this new offence has the potential to save lives.”


Jeanne King, Ph.D   knows Domestic abuse and how that shows up as

a mental illness. ** Law and Medcial doctors , follow the dictates

of psychiatry ; no science , no fact based DSM code .

Divorce Corp is a DVD made to expose the huge profit for many corporate

sources that has indeed destroyed the family unit , abused our children

and that is changing NOW


I adore Laura Kerr Ph D who knows trauma and has much of this on her wordpress.


Dr Craig Childress had the DSM code and the Attachment therapy to

begin the recovery process of unification with targeted parents and

children who have been targeted by the narcisstic , psychopath.

Therapist , counslors , family and society , and certainly our traumatized

and abused children , have used outdated information and guides  and

as such have caused much harm to family units;  children who have no

choice but to go with the dominate parent .

A child goes to the zoo in family time after time , referring to the

elepahant as an elepahant, but hearing from family that it is a tiger

not an elephant . The struggle to be heard in acknowledging this

as truth in being an elephant , will soon adapt to joining the concensis

that the child to be accepted in the “tribe” he will begin to call the

elephant a tiger.

This is the world of a child, a world not unlike a hypnotic state  for the

first 5 years of life ; so imagine what trauma , or an imbalanced , less

than conscious home life can and does create much harm .

Let us prevent children requiring mental health treatement or

anxiety , and most certainly abuse of any kind.

Learing better is doing better. Support for this is currently sketch at

best . So research, ask questions and know our children deserve our

diligent and mindful support . Eventually that will grasp the nuances

of PAS , and know they never should have had to choose and stilldo not

after recalibrating  themselves , compassiately approaching the parent

who is mentally ill, and seemingly there is no cure for Narcissim

and psychopath . In denial still, always , projection , lies are accepted as

are detachement and abuse which can be trauma based .

However Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the result , as the targeted

parent “triggered” abused through the abuse  and alienation of children

and especially so when no one hears the targeted parent , nor the

children .

That compounded a horrific hellish situation for me as I was alreally

illegally , medicated as a mentally ill , Bipolar . disregarding the abuse

indeed referring to abuse as “problems in the marriage” in 1989

and I did not see that on my chart until 2005 as I began tha ardgous

journey of overcoming invountairy addiction . Psychatrist are very

creative  with their wording, and conspiring to be god and make you  part

of the partenship as if you grasp the medcial terms in an incapacitated


Dr Craig Childress has books also and many parents who , like me who

have come to the dead end of what is offered; his 7 plus years of indepth

research has resulted in an approach that makes sense to targeted parent

and child . He is also on WordPress and has the illegal code parents need

with regard to bad social services, therapist  , counslors etc.



Dr Steve Miller has this covered : He is totally right on the legal and medical “abuse” that goes on daily and is transforming NOW.

This isa  very powerful video and please note how he is treated as an adversary , as these folks seem to be resistenat to the truth, as this reguired and requires change .

Burn out for many therapist is 10 years ..



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