Antidepressant usage linked to bipolar and mania

Antidepressant usage linked to bipolar and mania

(How sad for many millions , world wide who have lost their
physical lives , livelyhoods and families ; any sense of normal
due to this  inhumanity for profit and containment/abuse.
There is justice and it is coming for all those who chose to abuse ,
and eradicate lives , and those who support this evil and belive it
as a social norm, I have prayers for heart felt change , but remain
dedicated to rising above this involuntary medically induced “illness”
that is the soul and spirt snatching death in the living .
 With 70% of folks addicted , and that being the norm, unknowingly ,
and knowingly and thsu removing them from their more natural selves,
removing them from nature , from affection, evoking unhealed trauma
in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder , and with media spewing hatred
like the tsuamai that it is , the only answer is to rise and this is the day ,
the hour, to say NO MORE , and stand for it is non gender , non age, non
race specific , and it has damn near destroyed our planet .
I revel every day in nature , just the sight of trees and sky , is rejoicing and
like the mother that I have always been in this life , I will not remain silent
in this as this epidemic is met with a force of spirit that is the David &
Golith “fight” that signals to the return to we all deserve in this life
by healing .
Those who say don’t look at it, just walk away , and live your life, I feel
strongly in clearing . When I clean my house thoroughly I go throught
drawers, and closets and I elimate the old , or unneeded , or destroyed
items , rid the dirt and dust and freshen it up … I sage like the Native
Americans , I burn natural incense , and I practice clearings so this is my
space.  I then own the vibes or feelings with in my space  and can act out
accordingingly which is therapeutic .  I am not as uninhibited as some but
enough , for I finally accept myself as being  … enough.
To those who suggest this most critical clearing need not be done , I would
temper that with the like of knowledge in that statement of my heart ,
of science and perhaps their own unhealed states, and I do not judge
or let it impede my journey forward out of this hellish reality of
daily loss and grief , much like a sentence with not period , or a
book with missing chapeters and no end …. there is no end to the  divine
link between mother and child .  Prescribing anti depressants like a Pez
dispenser  to “fix” a soul/spirit need is inexcusable , and it is in a death
spiral, this axis of evil… thanks to millions of people who know and do
better .
Let you be enough. If in doubt, pick up The Gifted Child, the search for the
True self , by Alice Miller . It was recommended to me years ago by an on
line friend, and discusses the  helpless rage  left in the deceived and
unhealed child and how psychiatry , professionals , society misses
These hereto accepted norms are shifting , as more folks wake with
articles like these and more “veterans” speaking out. )
Blessing & Much Peace, Love
Dona Luna
“A new study investigates the links between antidepressant medication and the eventual onset of manic episodes and bipolar disorder.

Despite the steady growth of depression in America and beyond, the treatment for this, the most common psychological disorder in the Western world, still has much room for improvement.

Antidepressant medications, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), certainly are successful. They have made vast improvements to depressed patients’ lives.

But, as use of antidepressants creeps up and up, so does the evidence for negative long-term effects.

Current antidepressants cause a variety of immediate side effects. Among the most troublesome impacts of SSRIs (one of the most common antidepressant classes) are sexual dysfunction, weight gain and sleep disturbance.

A recent study, published in BMJ Open, uses retrospective data from more than 21,000 anonymized patients under treatment for major depression from 2006-2013. The research team set out to investigate another, more subtle and gradual side effect of antidepressants that is currently gaining evidence.”

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