A Candle Burns CAST: Out The Negatives

Never be bothered by negatives.

You burn the candle, and the darkness goes on its own.

Don’t try to fight with the darkness. There is no way, because the darkness does not exist—how can you fight with it ? Just Light a candle, and the darkness is gone. So forget about the darkness , forget about the fear. Forget about all those negative things that ordinarily haunt the human mind.
Just burn a small Candle of Enthusiasm.

First thing in the morning, get up with a great Enthusiasm, with a Decision that Today you are really going to Live with great delight and then start Living with great delight. Have your breakfast , but eat it as if you are eating God. Then it becomes a Sacrament. Take your bath , but remember that God is Within You ; you are giving a Bath to God. Then your small bathroom becomes a Temple , and the Water showering on you is a Baptism. Get up every morning with great Decisiveness, with Certainty, with Clarity , a Promise to Yourself that today is going to be tremendously Beautiful and you are going to Live it Tremendously.

And each night when you Go to bed, remember again how many Beautiful things have happened today. Just the Remembrance helps them to come back again Tomorrow. Just Remember, and then fall asleep remembering those beautiful moments that happened today. Your Dreams will be more Beautiful. They will carry your Enthusiasm, and you will also start Living in Dreams with a new Energy.

~ Make every moment Sacred.”



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