The Divine Presence of Angels

I am moved to address something that has tweaked me in this New Year .

I am suddenly acknowledging myself as a true evolving Piscean Crone – Witch , both in Old English referring to wisdom . Wisdoms that are gifts of elders and experience , and in my birth year of 64 I am feeling the years of life lessons have taught me well.. or at least better.

I have many beautiful acquaintances, caring and sharing individuals , many in their youth struggling in life as I did at their age and perhaps I herald hope that we can and do come out on the other side of dark times . I will note however that despite  all the negative challenges the rise of these earth angels is magnificent and they teach me so much in all they know and do, and in that I have a better understanding  and do better.

For me , there seems to be a  more cohesive day to day, as more of the gazillion puzzle pieces of life connect , and so it shall be for many.

This not being my 1st “rodeo” certainly does not mean I know it all; never will I be ‘full’ . And I will support any and all positive movement forward , for anyone , and certainly for my beloveds , who are so kind and generous to me  ;  for you did pick me up…and I am able to stand on this mountain I call my forever home .

I will ever  be grateful ..

As a Pisces I have had some harsh lessons , but as a super hypersensitive being , and without knowing that ..I was treated badly and that felt abusive . Of course sexual abuse of a 5 year is traumatic , and unlawful and I am sure if my parents had known , they would have acted at the time . Uneducated , as to what trauma was or the effects , and carrying their own unhealed stuff as I now know it and better understand it, my pain is less and of course forgiveness is theirs and mine for our errors . Only love remains.. We all can come together to communicate this with our families , compassionately healing , by saying the mantra

I am sorry

Please forgive me

I Love You,

& Thank You..

Just by thinking , mediating , singing, it, writing it, feeling it . it becomes a prayer ..

Prayers are answered , not in  your time always . patience is prayer .

For some there is no healing to be had; but if it is I your heart and you want it and feel it is time, to know , or let go  ..perhaps .

For my Pisces Pals , I am sending extra love and urge you to do so , as all 12 signs in 1, it can be challenging to know what is your “junk” and what is someone else’s , so I am thinking  of a little support group and sharing some of my ‘tricks’ . Because in doing so , we can better serve and still to our own selves be true . And I know that is perking within us all, but this this has become part of my mission as it were.

so I include a song and a poem … along with my heartfelt support and adoration for each of your journey’s.. we Pisces can walk on the dark side as easily as the light, but the more light the closer we know home….and then we choose our depths safely..  we only are “perceived’ by some as scattered 🙂


all eventually returns

in consciousness

to the  bosom of the Creator,

to Oneness

to Love.


The illusion of separation,

of abandonment.

of isolation

of aloneness ,

Serves you

on your  journey ,

in your awakening

on your path of Service .


In truth

(And listen well)

you are never alone,

never separate ,

never cut off from the universe .

Your true journey

is the awakening, the unfolding

the blossoming

of the flower of your consciousness


In truth

you are Love

you are Light

you are Oneness.



Love Makes the Worlds Go Around

The living Planets Speak

A Book of Planetary Inspirations

by Martin Lass


Peace,  Love & Oneness ,

Dona Luna




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