Do it Girl

He asked,
“Baby, what’s the sitch
With you being a witch”
I said,
Let go of your fear
Don’t believe
Everything you hear
I’ll tell you what it means to me
I’m a nature lover a Goddess worshipper and a tree hugger
I honor The Mother
Which until now
In a patriarchal society
That didn’t really
You see?”

I said, “I believe everything has a season
And there are magical things
far beyond Reason

And I don’t believe in what you call
A coincidence
I call it synchronicity
And I call on the guidance of the
Angels and ancestors
Who have come

And I bow to all animals and creatures
As our teachers
From the spider to the fox to the Loon
and I align my life with the phases of the earth
and moon

He asked me, “how did you know?”
I said, “well it began to show
when everyone was lining up
To hear the father in the pews
and I was slipping out barefoot
to hear the secrets
Of the yews.”

-Do It Girl- (Check out her FB Page)

Skyla Evans's photo.

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