I loaned a young Mom my copy of a book that discusses the topic of conscious

Parenting . I realize my inclination to be that kind of Mom, and that threatened

The limited teachings , education and resistance to merge in growth , played a

A huge part of my life lessons . Denial of , and acceptance of family projections

Of my unworthiness were catalyst for waking from an addiction not of my choice, owing

the domestic abuse , and the devestation of my experence on the emotional devlopment

of 3 sons , and their children .

I find children highly intellectual, teachers , and delightful, more the norm than

not. But I also acknowledge ,those children whose words are approved by a parent

who must ” clear ” communication. This disempowers the child , and fixing each

life experience in favor of an error teaching , feeds a narccistic , or highly

controlling individual .

Co is so much better , and very possible .

Creating Sustainable Humans With Conscious Parenting: An Interview With Darcia Narvaez, PhD



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