The Dance

The dance, I could be far ahead of the healing curve as it were but for

3 souls I co created with the blessings and approval of the divine that

found me worthy. So for that reason, for that DNA that exist of theirs

inside of me , for the cyclic , steroidal repeative life experiences that

have brought me to this point , many of us .. far too many who have

been abused , by spouses , family members only to have that supported

by a society that has adapted to falsehoods for profit .

The living bereavement of parental alienation , is an injustice , which must

be addressed  as the child abuse it is . Psychiatry’s pathogen infestation of

every aspect of our lives and utilized as the golden rule , of critique of a

society that but has only to return to mindfulness , upon understanding the

mindlessness of misinformation, prescribed drugs , empty nutrition ; a

stagnation of some 35 years , now goes remedial in order to effect the

change necessary in these amazing leaps of evolution.

We shall permeate this ‘new age’ infused with attachment , instead of

detachment , for there is enough .. love and the whole damn thing

and as always , showing gratitude for the sake of my sons and grandchildren

and for each individual I can reach; for The Dance … no man had ever had the

love my children had for me …and that is worthy of standing up for



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