Thee Fine Lady and Goddess Bryd also known as Saint Bridgit

The Lady Bug Philospher's Blog

 I have been tinkering with a draft for some time on the Great Goddess and now Saint Bridgit. Here below is an article which is reprinted from It is an exhaustive well written rounded piece with many facets of this lovely and powerfully magical, healing, woman who won our hearts. She has a special meaning for me in many ways. I find her powers in poetry being considered the forefront flames of knowledge in Ireland? High on my priority list too! However she is known for a great deal of good I could certainly use her blessings!


Beautiful Bryd photo credit: A. M. Goujon

The Goddess Bridget


Bridget was one of the great Deities of the Celtic people. She was known as Brigit or Bridget to the Irish, Brigantia in Northern England, Bride in Scotland, and Brigandu in Brittany. Various interpretations of her name exist including…

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