WAKE UP : Calling U

I hope you read this and hear me.

If you are supposed to you will; it is destiny and freewill …

Today I was late for an important , and my healer was generous to check some things and found my blood pressure was off the charts . 150/100.  The reason?  Well , I am moving and I am directed to do so; having been ‘messaged’ by 2 earth angels whom I will share upon request to my email GreatCosmicMothers@gmail if it is business….

One is Dr. Carole Carbone, in Ca . my mentor , sister , aunt and friend of 5 years and whom I gained certification as an intuitive councilor , rather than psychic …these days I finally feel ready; graduated and I have found my voice.. That in large part is due to the acceptance here in my home town…Homes to me, are houses , and power tools as this 3rd house attest ..It is trippy ; as it draws up my terror and trauma from my 5 year self .. and I  healing her completely with much support in my 16/64 year old body … and by god it is a challenge .. as I go back to court and face my abuser , I pray for the last time ; I am also letting go of the sons ..grandchildren  .


Surrender , my choice is to clear this and live my life as level as possible …..I feel such spirit in all of this and my voice will be that of my elders who lost their voice .


Someone very special saved my life today by her diagnosis, and we had a ‘thing’ so sacred  and a dear male ‘brother’ with whom we have been off and on , and who now aiding me  greatly , with finalizing the work I have dedicated my last 12 year span to…. shift after March 24th …. I hope to aide in a woman’s (childrens) Reclamations Retreat  rather than a shelter for abused women … holistic healers to transform….peace and security


So Thankful , my Doctor called in an RX , saving me a trip to Roanoke .. that trip gets harder and harder .. I like this country life that has called me as it did Dad.. we were just headed in different directions.  His physical self would have adored Floyd.. Had I been  myself and alive , I would like to think I would have moved here when it was over . and brought him.


*should you be a Floyd local and want my healer’s name , email me please …


Be Blessed ! And get that blood pressure checked …check it all out  BP cuff is $30


consider the options , check your diet  your emotional balance and other RX interactions
















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