Setting intentions and sticking to em , really works! 

Astrology Answers


What were you born to do? “I don’t know,” you shrug. Well most of us do not. Think about it for a moment: Regardless of income, what would be your dream gig, job, assignment, talent, gift, or power? Look deep within while meditating and try some of the new meditations for Past Life recall. What exactly is Past Life recall? It’s a mental revisiting of one’s former past lives lived that influence the present.

Many revisit childhoods to reinvent “happy places.” We are securing roots for sure things. When searching for the ideal or the “dream,” we look for signs that what we wish for is “out there.” We hope it is seeking us in return. It’s a constant give-take-push-pull-lift-submerge wonder of emotion. It’s the internal roller coaster ride of adrenaline we need to awaken. Deep inside, the heart is pumping out fresh perspectives – wishes. Are we tuned in? Why? This determines how well we match intuition with personal astrology. It is how the soul recognizes whole truths.

Intuition gives us magic to communicate with The Divine. Universe is the wish postal system matching wishes with wish granters. Wishes can’t be granted until they are known. Wish Journals are perfect tools to write what we wish for in great detail, when, and how. Thought is energy. Universe matches wishes by “energy” or auras. The more we concentrate, the faster wishes attract and manifest as new opportunities. Like moths to flame, we are drawn to what is destined.

Intuition is strengthened when we prove things to self. There are no coincidences. There are challenges to be met and surpassed. Past experiences or karma directs what happens next in life. We can re-steer karma with fresh perspective. Yes we have many soul mates but there is only one Twin Flame potential. This type of energy makes us think in “absolutes.” What do we absolutely want to happen? Who do we absolutely want to love or be loved by? Concentration fuels what we want to come naturally in abundance. It’s the laws of attraction, cause & effect, and grounding.

Put aside daily time to do yoga, meditate, plan, and brainstorm. Couple this with active soul-searching. Be on fire to know stuff. Life missions, purpose, and intent are made clear. Why? The Divine is communicating with soul. Soul is streaming wishes into being. Direct energy towards what you are passionate about most. Talk about what you love, like or favorite in social media! Spark a movement, campaign, or lifelong dream by sharing personal wisdom. You have much to offer but be selective with proposals. Start the dream with a personal astrology reading! Why? You need to know what’s destined so you aren’t wasting energy going after it.


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