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A First Quarter Moon of Navigation and Transformation

Posted on March 14, 2016 in Configurations | [P]
By Henry Seltzer for Astrograph Astrology

First Quarter Moon – March 15, 2016

Tuesday’s First Quarter Moon is an interesting and rather intense lunation, thus completely in keeping with the overall tenor of these times. With the Sun and Moon in Pisces and Gemini, respectively, we find Mercury, ruler of the sign that holds the Moon, perfectly opposed to Jupiter in mid-Virgo, while making a sextile and a trine to Pluto in the same degree of Capricorn. This is a potent configuration in support of greater conscious understanding of that which we are attempting to transform in ourselves. We have both the impulse for change to take place and, as well, the strong resistance to change, as symbolized by the powerful presence of Saturn. The conservative and limiting Saturn archetype, also highlighted in these March skies, is coming to within one degree of his square with Jupiter. The symbolism of this configuration implies that we know what we want, but that we also know — in even greater detail than before — the obstacles to our getting there. We must decide for ourselves which of these is more important, and make a conscious choice to stay static or to get on with our lives.

The powerful Mercury presence supports greater consciousness in regard to what you are truly up to, which inevitably involves a major metamorphosis taking place at some level. With Saturn so closely configured now as well, this involves the recognition that the very structures of your life are undergoing a sea change that is very profound, and life changing. The Saturn archetype can also represent resistance to any forward movement, so that there is a struggle going on within you, a tug-of-war between change, and holding back from change. If you hesitate you will miss one important opportunity for growth, but, don’t worry, there always will be others that will come along in time, and by then you might be ready.

With Mercury also closely configured with Jupiter and Uranus there is a tremendous resource of Spirit available to you now, including the possibility for startling new ideas to manifest, and also epiphany, which is to say, the sudden realization of new perspectives, a figure-and-ground reversal that suddenly sees everything in a different light. This is one way, perhaps the only way, that progress happens, so it is good to be alert for the occasion when it arises.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also invoked in this Quarter Moon configuration, as indicated by the presence of the Sun in close conjunction with Chiron, with the Moon in square. Chiron is located on the nodal axis for added emphasis. This could indicate the pain of lost opportunity, should you decide that the change you contemplate is simply not possible for you at this moment in time; and might also symbolize coming to better resolutions for places within your psyche that stem from prior undigested trauma. Sometimes the residues of old wounding remain buried away from your consciousness through grief or shame, and benefit greatly from increased awareness, and by being included in a larger sense of yourself, and your soul intention.

The Sabian Symbols for this quarter moon are of extreme interest. They are, for the Sun, in the 26th degree of Pisces: “Winter frost in the woods,” which Marc Edmund Jones sees a symbol of transformation. For him this represents “the needs and powers of nature” over the ordinary affairs of mankind. He comments that this symbol is, “a call for the reorientation in the individual’s point of view and for some further discovery of the self’s potentials. Normal life is brought to a point of sharp suspension, so that the larger magic may be manifest [in order that] older cycles give way to newer ones.” For the Moon, in the same degree of Gemini, we find a beautiful statement, especially in regard to this quarter moon having followed the recent eclipse: “A New Moon that divides its influences.”Jones refers to, “[one’s] instinctive and often blind outreach to the reality in which he [or she] participates,” and goes on to say that, ” [Your] action must be tentative until [you] achieve your own true self-discovery, but you make a fine skill of your uncertainty and refuse to commit yourself except as you encounter a full response to your deeper realization and ultimate motivation. ” This is a nicely phrased summary of our task at hand, as we reach to achieve our fullest potential for maturity and wholeness, aiming for the highest by discovering our deepest sense of ourselves within us.

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