Very Positive Affirmation Coming from Ca

My heart and my smarts knew as I listened to this Ted Talk

this gal’s heart and head are connected in a major way that we

must support in every manner possible .

I am having as many plus’ as I am minus , as my thyroid

begins the process of balance , I have marveled at the many

paths AMA , standards and practices have taken me , and how

blessed I am to acknowledge the highly toxic the results of

man made chemicals in my system as well food , which began

very early at birth with what I surmise was a toxic reaction to

Mom’s milk , and rejection and severe, near fatal demise due

to dehydration .  I also recall , hearing my tongue had to be

clipped for better suction and my throat had a constriction .

I am not sure if they charted that one , which was enhanced

when an uncle, deceased , orally raped me.

That is trauma for a 5 year old and something that you just don’t

“get over” . I stand for my 5 year self and each child who is

forced to be sexual and not heard nor healed .  Life has healed

me , and my best decision was moving to my mountains.  I felt

drawn here , for everyone has the “mecca” , and it is here I

shall exit this ” suit” , which I am more comfortable in each

and every day. I still have old business to clear up and out

and a home to manifest and toxic residue that has intense

moments . But as you watch this series of videos , you will

perhaps , share this hope for each child , (and we are all

children) of an intense and massive healing as we know

better , and do better .

Recognizing that each is ‘differnt’


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