Soul Searching, Dream Taveling 

My Osho message tonight was ‘ travel ‘ which I pulled a few weeks ago, 

and I dreamed of beloved . This dream was explicit , as there was his face .

I know this face as beloved, but he knows me not , as his enough. All my life 

I have been empathetic, to men who had repressive hurts , that became

aggressive and aimed at me. When I refused to be ‘it’ and mirrored his

anger and aggression  back, I became a bitch . . This began in childhood 

and I was responsible; what is lack of attachment and nurture , that 

can adversely affect an infant. I believe us both to be sensitive , highly 

and I believe that Mom was overly medicated in giving birth to us and

natures were nurologly adversely affected .  Super hypersensitivity .

What they call Autism now? ,  was drug induced from inception , Mom smoked as

did Dad . God only knows what she was prescribed , ate etc , and having 

lost Joyce Marie so tragically ….Dr’s kindness to not stress her out , knock

Out and forceps !
Any who, I’m deep in to spirit , and having been fine tuning my paperwork

for a full tilt week of copying , divesting , healing and whatever I want 

balancing my self as my thyroid resets , and my heart adjust , as I expect 

a celebration in 9 days …of a sort , such dreams are made of ..

I thought of this quirky song , as my self came at me , coming and 

going , scanning or fulling reading my papers and hand written 

or typed papers , and fields of gold unfolded towards many years of

writing . When I read others words that collide with my grasp 

of things it’s ‘home’


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