Heart’s Home

The showers began as I headed into town, a 5 mile trip , which I am sure 

elicit a chuckle to you who have long commutes , but I’m a small town girl

who is so ‘full’ of living my heart’s home .  We each have a heart home

and yes there are gypsies and God bless em ….story tellers , so open ..

I was in town by 2/3  banked and hit the Country Store for my 1st meal 

as I scanned the newspaper , I extended my finished sections to a gentle

man in front of . We began a conversation that wove magic that Floyd 

shown me many times , as we ‘hung out ‘ until 11 pm and I am appreciative 

as he said , that our paths intertwined tonight , a special one all round .

Simbolically , I spoke to a son who would have me consider him ‘better’ 

for speaking to me , when he chooses and withholds my grandchild , 

and himself thwarting any forward movement he said he was at peace.

Oh, I said , I was unable to know peace in my soul until I surrendered to 

truths  that liberated me from a past I am not released from as long

as I am their truths are based on pathogens that only know control 

and I consider that to be trauma unhealed …however the outcome 

is still abuse when seeing the dire outcome of child abuse through 

domestic abuse and nobody bothered professionally to benefit positive 

my children my family became his alone ass I watched in a drug 

haze of psychiatric drugs .

And as heart full as I was for my life when things were quiet and good 

or we 4 were home alone, the peace of acceptance , has birthed here, 

my return to love and life , and my aloneness has given me such insights ,

such joy that I look forward to my next home and a new friendship ,

as a hope ended , a garden tool returned the last thing ….a friendship

of challenges that bind and constrict , too critical and withholding

a restrictive , led me to distrust .

Doors close and Doors open, and the gift of love, respect by gentle

man who called this area home for a bit and his shines with it ! All 

this because he heard me ! He listened and his manners are 4 Agreement! 

A treat indeed! 

There is a place in my heart that is only mine but I’m happy to have a large 

heart . 

Here’s new friends who are tuned in ,
Blessings & Peace 

Dona Luna 


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