Domestic Terrorist aka Domestic Abuse

This is a very true statement as unhealed folks often project

it is you who lacks .. better to not take it personally .

Now a very large part of my ‘craziness ‘ was not being heard,

nurtured per our needs , our mother’s instinct , was not encouraged

through education , support by other women waned as the work

force integrated women , but still discriminates openly as it is

accepted and embraced , but often denied as abusive .

In my research and experience a couscous man wants his best

reflected in his beloved and hurting her would be hurting himself

and ditto for his children .

It is the imbalance of personal ‘power’ or space that has eroded our

families as the sources of support began the me , me me . it is all

about “Me” That indeed looks like the narcissistic, sociopath , psychopath

the could well have unhealed trauma , as I did , but will never address it

for looking inward is the trauma or the disorder that does not know nor

accept responsibility for anything , never forgives and is greedy and fierce

for eternity as the ultimate judge, jury and executioner . Supported as if

a cult as referenced in Freedom of Mind  by Steven Hassan , an expert on

the topic as a former “Moonie” he is director the Freedom of Mind

Resource center , Inc. ( a center dedicated to

helping families and individuals , and to informing the public about

destructive and deceptive influence practices .36 years of experience

and he refers to the abuse of children through the abuse , alienation,

disposal and denial of any responsibility, only projections of blame

and shame which is never ending; yet professionals who are supposed

to know , do not thereby seeming to support the abuse.

I have discovered through a Dr. Steve Miller as he testified in a hearing

which is on youtube that the educational material that guides professionals

is incorrect for todays world , and as you can imagine he was not warmly

received for suggesting change that is in the best interest of families ,

especially children whose only basic need is “Do you hear me, Do you see

me , Do I matter?”   Lack of education, support as well as the environmental

issues and unhealthy nutritional ‘chemicals ‘ as well as human made chemicals

referred to as “medicine” has deeply affected the socially accepted epidemic

of behaviors that scream out the tranny or normalcy.

While the professional support has been sourly lacking , people powered support

when I need it here.. An inference by one son that life experience had made me

independent , missing the abuse totally as survivors, and conditioned to feel

I don’t deserve anything , for I am nothing in the eyes of ‘family’ that belongs

to him.

Just as a 13 plus year of a misdiagnosis of mental illness , denied from day one

as I described being hit , recorded in medical files , was ignored . The medication were

and are toxic; ignored , just give ,me more . up down, high low, I was a legalized

‘junkie ” and physically and emotionally so ill , it often was hell on earth.

Of course the nightmare existence of trauma from rape and denial by silence of

that event in a 5 year old mind is as science has proved , is a state of hypnotic

until age 5/6.

All the more reason to do our best to have more natural normal homes where

children are safe to aide parents in healing traumas of childhoods that only

joy filled children bring to us only needing our support for nurture and nature ,

the mother and the father , and those supports can be filled by male or

female but we know our Mom’s from her shelter of our beginnings .

Trauma , lack of bonding ,sensitivity to medications and standards and practices

that are accepted medical practice do not allow the deep psychological damage

and not yet acknowledged by mainstream as a huge factor for the non resistance

of a male who senses Mother from who he has been protected by has ‘allowed’ his

most sensitive self to be snipped , often to disastrous results.

And that detachment from Mother , witnessing Domestic Abuse , being shamed

as children when acceptance of peers and family is extreme more nails in my

coffin as it were as when I began to wake from the invountary addiction, I was

mad. I experienced many slurs , total rejection, non support by those who are

grouped to do so, and slowly I began to design my life to suit my needs of healing

and in that I have been blessed by a community of life experienced , lessoned and

educated healers who are creative and accepting .

Domestic Terrorism is the issue and the many influences that take us from who we

are .

The more accepted narcissi mentality, is pervasive and much like a pathogen

that must be eradicated . As Dr  Craig Childress discussed the DSM codes that do

apply to the child abused via Parental Alienation/Child Abuse   and how the “uncle/aunt

parent has done much harm by demanding exclusive domain of all; a continuation

of domestic abuse. Healing of the child is most effective with attachment rather than

detached parenting. It should be noted that a trauma unhealed can lend it self to

personality ‘splitting’  as a coping mechanism which I certainly allowed as a sister

and then as a wife ; but the inference was always that I was to blame and extended to

extended family and friends . Sons were subjected to shame and detachment , extended

also but were ready to be liberated from very unhealthy home life and the manifestations

and evocation of trauma that could be primal but never the black eyed monster that has

supported the victim/hero who survived and raised 3 young men who are successful, and

as always keeps them in play , against me in his never ending self hatred , and inability

to step out and up.

He is happy in that state of control.

Gas lighting is normal to him as his non acceptance, of compassion , that he could master

self love, self forgiveness and heal many hurts that he has never allowed voicing for he

has no trust , not even for himself , feeling unworthy , he depends on what he has

rather than who he is . No one can fix him and his critic is self , with many recording

of trauma as a child , he denies .

Codes that govern marriage and families is in need of addressing facts impartially and

that benefits all concerned instead of the expense and triangulation that further causes

and supports the abuse that is often denied . As a ‘non working’ Mom my voice was not

important , as the discrimination of the living connection science explains does exist

as DNA has a life time shelf life . how much more mentally cruel can it get to ignore

her abuse , toxically drug her and then remove all she knows from her , for self

happiness that gets worse with each passing year.

Yes liberation is near , and I don’t expect immediate reverbs but change is upon those

families impacted by the repercussions of Domestic Terrorist.



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