Do Not Ignore The Pain In These Parts Of The Body! It Can Cost Your Life!

The body sends sign in a form of pain when there is something wrong in your organism. We shouldn’t underestimate the pain because it is one of the most important signals released by the body. However, it can bring very negative effects that you have never wanted.


The pain on one place can be a signal of something wrong different part of the body. We definitely need consider a possibility of we are actually suffering from dangerous ailments if the pain occurs on the following areas:

Diaphragm and Lungs

Got pain on the upper shoulders or neck? You probably suffer from diaphragm issues and lungs.


If you find the pain on your left chest, you need to consider a medical help because it represents a sign of heart problem. Since it is associated with heart, you need to pay more attention to the left side of the body.

Pancreas and Stomach

You do not have to underestimate back and abdominal pain. They are actually signs that you have problem in the pancreas and stomach. Back pain is common for the people with chronic pancreatitis. When you find the pain, consult your doctor.

Liver and Gallbladder

The pain in the gallbladder and liver area may show that you are dealing with gallbladder and liver issues. Be specifically careful if the pain is persistent.


Large Intestine

Dealing with sharp pain in the right part of the lower abdomen may indicate that something is wrong with the large intestine. Rectum and colon malfunction is usually expressed through pain in the central area of your lower abdomen. You should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Small Intestine

If your navel is pulsing in pain, you should check the function of your small intestine. Describe to your doctor even the tiniest detail and go to your regular check-up.


Sometimes it takes more time to diagnose kidney problems, before pain strikes a larger area, including your lower abdomen, lower back, thighsandpelvis.


You should always ‘listen’ to the lower part of the pelvis, the front and rear sides. Pain in these points can indicate that something is not right with your bladder.


Inflamed ovaries cause stabbingpain in that area. The pain spreads to your front abdomen, involving both of the sites. Never ignore the odd symptoms and pain. Consult your doctor and,if necessary,do additional check-up

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