Entiltled Abuse by Jo Sutch

Jo Sutch 

It’s important to note that most abusive people — no matter their age, gender, or culture all seem to act with a sense of entitlement when using or abusing others. Noting that while circumstances and exact wording may change slightly, it all fits in with Narcissistic Abuse Cycle of Power and Control pattern.

Truly, the intent behind their narcissistic impulse to compulsively lie and rewrite history is all that matters.

Refusing to enable Narcissistic Abuse or Flying Monkey enablers is not selfish or self centered. It’s actually all a part of being a fundamentally decent human being whose social relationships matter. Self care is NOT the same thing as being selfish.

Victim blaming, blame shifting, writing revisionist history, and gaslighting are all common Narcissistic Abuse tactics. Juvenile, selfish, and wrong, they don’t just hurt the victim (as websites like Shrink For Men points out). Because it prevents abusive people from being held accountable for their action, caustic behavior patterns tend to escalate.

Something important to keep in mind is the fact that while most narcissistic predators are the most overt while abusing others when they are children, teenagers, and college age, that once they finally have been arrested a few times or spent time in jail they don’t stop abusing. Anger Management classes and the sort simply inspire them to find new ways to avoid being caught — making them far more efficient and potentially lethal social predators.


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