Cosmetic Intelligence; May 

The merry month of May is named after the goddess MAIA who is chief of the Greek Seven Sisters (the Pleiades) and the mother of Hermes (Mercury). Maia was the virgin mother of Hermes, the Enlightened One. Maya, was the virgin mother of Buddha, the Enlightened One. Mary, was the virgin mother of Christ, the Annointed one. May is the month of Maia/Maya/Mary when the Sun is in Taurus and thus conjunct the Pleiades. May Day celebrations are in honour of the Pleiades.
The runes ruling the month are Lagu (L) which signifies vigorous, energetic growth and ING (NG) representing fertility and procreation. In Irish, May Day is La Bealtaine, which contains the element taine with means fire. The fire element is that of a solar deity who is called variously Beli, Belinus and balder. One traditional name for the customary bonfires on May Eve is Blader’s balefirs. 
Beltane is station six of the year, the mystical union. It’s impossible to think of Beltane without thinking of the Maypole. This is perhaps one of the most popular symbols of the season, representing the Divine Marriage between the Lord and Lady of the Greenwood. The pole represents the male principle, and the ribbons that wrap around it (and the wreath placed atop the pole) are symbolic of the female principle. 
The Maypole represents the phallus of the God. The wreath atop represents the vagina of the Goddess. As the Maypole is danced, the ribbons wind around the pole and the wreath lowers, symbolizing the Divine Marriage, the sexual union of God and Goddess. –Yasmine Galenorn, Dancing with the Sun
The emerald is the birthstone of the month of May. The goddess calendar month of Maia fills the first half of May, ending on the 15th; it is followed by Hera, which begins on 16th May. Movable holidays in May include Mjollnir, the festival of Thor’s Hammer celebrated on a Thursday and coinciding with Ascension Day in the church calendar and the commemoration of Buddha’s enlightenment, which occurs on the day of the full moon in May.


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