How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are

I know much progress can be made in healing and yes there will be ‘die offs’

of things, ideas, morals or lack of , as well as those who refuse to be humane

for whatever reason. In that , I have made much progress and that is reflected

in my heart’s peace. Buddhism taught me to stand as  peaceful warrior as is my

nature , but not to back down , and keep my intent pure in my passionate heart.

I know there are going to be those resistant to receiving all of my experience as

testament to the need for intense reform or replacement of many current practices

of children , mothers, Dad’s and families that are unsupported, often misinformed

and shamed in primal narcissistic and related disorders that are missed and or supported

and the negative effects are reflected in our not knowing .

Knowing and being is our birthright. It is revelations towards change and healing that has

brought us to this . It is time to acknowledge the many damages done too many challenges

by those whose professions are out of date and guided by old data .


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