*smash* Taking a Sledgehammer to Self-Projection.

Totally agree with her on inspiration and being told how cool it is that I speak up

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

My aunt made a very telling comment today. In some sense she´s the most astute person in my family. She noticed that I´d always been a projector. Let me explain. Not the kind of projector who imprints her own insecurities unto how others behave. Or the kind that intentionally pretends to be something that she is not.
Rather – I´m the kind of projector that is so focused upon presenting a particular image of herself to the exclusion of other parts – more so to keep functional. In some sense we all do this.
I had to struggle with some ridiculous levels of shite, racism, institutional abuse – and other things as a kid – it was my coping mechanism. Didn´t stop there – one of my parents got terribly ill in my late teens and I became the primary caregiver for a few years, and that…

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