Medical error 3rd leading cause of death & distruction

I am not stranger to professional err , societal err, as the undeniable is

now documented that medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death .

Chemicals , the brainchild of the economic growth , began a cascade

of dis eases . As a child of the 50’s my Dad was less than the average

income , having his Dad refuse to pay for books , as he needed field

hands ; this sensitive boy was studious which was something he never

lost but the did forget… as his stressors due to his physically draining

work were treated with man made chemicals his health reflected his

toxicity and was the voodoo doll of the geriatric professionals ,

especially after his accident and exit 6 months later as his more

holistic approach was medicated out of him.

He trusted medicine until he did not as he spoke to me of it deeply; so

offended that he was discriminated against .

He forgot his more holistic and chemical free approach and became

more than disoriented as his 5 prescriptions became 12 , several of the

exact same drug but different strengths which I corrected , as I found him

waking at 4 am and taking his medications, doing his breathing

treatment and after a bit sleeping a few more hours.

Then he tried to repeat his medications , which were once a day doubly

medicated as 5 of those 12 medications were mind altering psychiatric

drugs , and in my heart he was a casualty and disadvantaged by blood

kin, and officially contacting professionals was ignored and he exited

10 days later .

At this time I was slipping into the understanding of the ignored

truth of ” Domestic War” as a recovered client of the Industry of Death

that I consider chemical/psychiatry to be if it does much harm to the

human being.

The projection of shame/ blame/isolation is very abusive but the norm

as I wove through 13 years of legalized addiction with more ‘trips’

than Timothy Leery, without my knowledge or permission , and another

12 to acknowledge in my soul that I am a survivor for a reason .

The non supportive partner who abuses the other , in Domestic

Abuse was ignored from the very 1st page of charts that were all the

confirmation that I needed as I tried to heal my body of chemicals

I am not only sensitive to, but allergic to and I was blessed 10 years ago

by professional acknowledge of chemical toxicity.

I must adhere to non toxic approaches to repairing and prevention that

are a whole body healing.

I feed my body and my spirit with the grace of a divinity that found

me several times as I foundered , and found myself again , I can honestly

admit that the loss of any connection of 3 sons who do know abuse in

love will ever be my living grief as the alienation/abuse continues the

through our sons , as the epidemic of narcissi is revealed it begs study

are narcissi personalities a matter of Nature or Nurture ?


It was not only, the not knowing, trusting the system , but as life has

taught me that the poor show in repressive and depressive education

that now represents this country , does show up in the higher educations

as kids develop a very visceral view of the world , with more and more

extended families born ,gas lighting has become the norm and kids

pay dearly. Millions have the adversity like mine of fracture and critical

judgement and chemical/medical/legal error and healing denied

as the holy grail guide for professionals has too long been the psychiatric

“corporate” that overlooks the narcissi personality disorder .

Mother’s Day , I am releasing the harsh discriminate judgements of

others who do not see me, do not hear me, do not allow

matters of such soul deep healing . I have much to be grateful for

in these days of reclamation and that includes my humanity as a female

and a sensitive mother , wiser to ‘hearing’ and willing to be better still

in more mindful spirit , which have taught me heaven exist on earth

as one son exclaimed all this has made me ‘independent ‘ with the

goal of conscious interdependence ; knowing and doing better is

eliminating the obstructions especially those of abuse in any manner

by empowering positive support , it has begun and it is amazing to

be touched by so many earth angels !





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