Impediments caused by trauma; A loss of Time

Loss is a part of  life, in natural time it a passage , a liberation from a body but spirit fed,

and spirit is forever & always .

I have had   any breakthroughs today in the stillness and aloneness that has embraced and

healed me . I am headed out  but wanted to share my Mama.

She was family , but like me needed her space and in that lie a disconnect born of her

unhealed parts…She has not crossed over , spiritually and it is her guilt and my situation

with my sons does not allow her to cross over as she deserves , and in bimbo , I cannot

connect with her. Very seldom do I feel her spirit and I was also told this in 2009,

that she  was hovering …

I do believe , and I pray for progress for all children and parents in this time of awareness

and reclaiming our golden selves and how we wish that to feel, look and be.



In Memory of My , Mom Joyce , and for her grandson’s loss of her daughter, their Mom


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