Eddie Mullins with grounding advice 

Boundary Alert! You may find in the coming weeks you will have to set higher levels of boundaries with people in your surroundings. With the planetary energies increasing along with the Galactic upgrades, people will be running from themselves on the outside of their bodies and into their mental connection. A couple reaction points in these times of intense energy, people tend to drive their car’s fast and crazy while not being in their bodies. This is an area where people feel they have control, when everything is out of control in their life. A very risky and unhealthy move. Also people will be looking for physical attention and posting 85 selfies a day; whiling have the look in their eyes of being lost. This creates a puppy dog look. Set those boundaries, to stay on track with where you are on your pathway.
Practice grounding from the inside of the body, listen to what your soul is calling to you and practice self care out in nature. As consciousness continues to expand on the Earth and the faster you run your energy, the deeper you connect to the ego voice and thinking. Spirit is consistently talking about slowing down, stillness and remembering the roots of your soul connection. The more you practice slowing down and earthing the more you will hear the voice of the soul. Close your eyes, take a deep full flowing breath throughout the body. Feel the space on the inside and outside of the body. Remember to “feel” versus think the space. Thinking is about resourcing on the outside of your body which those are not your connections and feeling is resourcing on inside of the body, through your soul and spirit. Notice the difference in how your feel. Breath love in and breath love out. It is the circle of the heart and soul. As you read this you are focusing on the heart energy. Remember who you are from the inside of your soul creation. Simply focusing on the soul and feeling the frequency fill your body, will shift your awareness. 

Enjoy the Journey of Awakening to the Soul,



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