Moon Shadows

The following quote came up for review on my facebook account , and divine timing was …

as this Mother Moon in Sagittarius, brings so many creative openings , new beginnings

and endings that deserve  healing but love denied. Whilst there is so much positive energy

and mystic peace , I transition .. and that means addressing a few unpleasant issues next

month , but in the mean time , it is like rebirth for sure .. I am in awe  and I see it and hear

it from so many , and I am so grateful for the support and non support of these last years

as it served to educate me , and liberate me in a way so far unachievable .  Today I will try

my best to listen..  and smile & hug as often as possible .

A very hot bath soothed my achy muscles , as I added Juniper for it aids in loosening

muscle cramps . I added lavender , Epson salts, baking soda , apple cider vinegar , and

Angelia Oil … and OMG, am I ever better .. Loose as a Goose…I was Mama Duck with my

sons , long ago and so far away , David Arno , my side kick , friend, and partner in fixing

and resolving house /yard related issues , called me Mother Goose, 4 years ago ..

Today , I am going home to a shelter, a haven of peace and beauty for my heart and soul

and my focus , my intent , my continuing healing , allows me to open my life to anyone

who has eyes to see me and ears to hear me , even though I am ‘different ‘ I know the

power of love .  I am sure the old standards and practices , as well as ignorance of

so many things that adversely impact humanity are in collapse; a lot of rebirthing going

on . And just as sure this is not every body’s ‘train’.


Think on This…
…Mother sees, Mother knows, Mother feels those same feelings of that love which is in the earth that makes of the heavenly home. And while I am in the spirit planes I am yet present in the minds and hearts of those who express to me the love as builded in the being – the love the Master shows to all when He gave that He would prepare the home for those who would come after Him.
Reading 243-5

Edgar Cayce





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