Really, Dr. Mercer? Really?

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

Holy cow, Jean Mercer is still at it.  In her most recent post on her “ChildMyths” blog (you know, I’m beginning to think her blog title is self-referential), she takes on Dorcy Pruter because Dorcy is not a psychotherapist.

Are “Coaches” the Same as Psychologists or Psychotherapists

She concludes by somehow trying to use my testimony in support of Dorcy Pruter to imply some sort of questionable ethical malfeasance by Ms. Pruter:

“Craig Childress’ statement that a coach does not have to conform to ethical guidelines tells us much about the possible outcomes of choosing a coach over a licensed mental health professional.”

So let me be abundantly clear on this:

I consider Dorcy Pruter to be a professional colleague of the highest caliber.  I consider Ms. Pruter’s ethical standards to be exceptional.  Ms. Pruter and the High Road protocol have my 100% complete and unqualified endorsement.  I have personally…

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