This week has been testing me and I have had to transform a negative to a positive

as the challenge of an ulcerated colon hit just before a court appearance that was

demanded with no allowances , and ignoring that I was in transition between 2

houses . After the attempt of shaming me failed , I heard the true words of

responsibility, a first in a court of law. Reduction of SS and I must file for Social

Security on his, (so he won’t have SS ) and Lynn saw the whole of it and I was

not as depleted as I might have been alone.

In trying to push through this , I began an anti fungal which has me in a state

of detox, which is clearing my liver too hard  ; a  painful detox so I am cutting

back per instructions , to lesson the detox effects…In the time before I knew this

as detox , I am most certain my ‘toxic’ body was diagnosed as fibro and prescribed

pain pills, anti depressants etc. was the normal course of treatment . I am so glad

to have a Dr who knows this, and I called him after the pharma;  who was not

knowing and bowed to the wisdom of my Dr.

My guides have revealed themselves , some old and some new , who have inspired

me for over 30 years when we were neighbors for over 5 years of us both birthing

and child rearing. Patsy and Steve are united and supportive and friends as well

as lovers and through their example I woke to the detachment present in mine

and the critical judgments that wounded me, and I tried to ignore and let my

mothering rock. So life was good despite of those infractions , or so I thought.


Patsy and Steven were at MickyGs and I shared my revelations and healing and

it was so nurturing a visit , I know we will see each other soon..

I met a very inspiring couple at Dogtown, Laura and Bill , and we hit it off in

a lovely exchange that was heart centered . They came in to eat at MickyGs.

I had a great black bass grilled and said so to Valerie who , checked and said

there’s one left…and I was rewarded with a delicious fish , to feed this tired body.

I have new folks as spring/summer draws out folks and they are loaded with

experience and so willing to share of their history .

I met new neighbors Karen and Ronnie, and they are so much fun with each other

after years, together and laughter just bubbled up and over , another inspiring


I do not feel lonely , or needy , for it is impossible with so much joy . David’s

Taylor James has his ‘little man’ look dressed for a wedding and the family

has molted into such a heaven on earth of bliss, it’s yet more affirmation.

As my furniture begins it’s transit tomorrow , I must appear in court again to

defend myself against unreasonable, unknowing,Ja10387677_345685265598956_2109771057932215978_n-001

(Jayden & I last year at the Salem Duck Pond) Tina Danh


thus seriously threatening

actions . These are not unknown to me , and I am weary of the lesson so

I have prepared .

I don’t want to , and it is my nature to be of peaceful conversation , so I am

in acceptance and pray I am lifted higher as I am forced to slow down

and heal and align with the change I asked , coming in a tsunami of life

changes and knowing I can and I will ; as these folks , past, present and

future , quietly just show up with love lights and nurture ..I am home

and I am very thankful and very blessed



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